Choosing to have your commercial property cleaned by a drone is a very wise choice as it saves your money, is safer, and is a faster process but you must choose your pilot very carefully.

First and foremost these cleaning drones are very big and potentially very dangerous so you want to ask to see the pilot’s license. Your pilot really should have at least 5 years experience and hundreds of hours specifically flying “heavy lift drones.” Usually the only pilots with this sort of experience come from filming for TV shows or power lines inspections. This is crucial that the pilot have a ton of experience since it makes them a far safer pilot in case there are any issues during flight.

Thankfully Mr Thron of Florida Drone Cleaning has over a decade of experience flying heavy lift drones and a perfect safety record.
Second, you want to make sure the drones the company is using don’t have a poor history of problems. One of the more popular drones for cleaning has consistently had problems with connecting to satellites and engine failures. These drones come from the factory poorly tuned and rev at super high rpm’s even at only 5 stories high and have an extremely high rate of engine failure. We don’t use these junk drones ever and only use Florida built top of the line safe custom cleaning drones.

Thirdly, you want a local company. This is very important since cleaning with a drone is a very detailed and meticulous process and can’t be rushed. Out of town companies that come here for a quick buck will of course be in a hurry since the have to pay extra expenses while on the road unlike a local company. Florida Drone Cleaning is locally based and also offers great savings maintenance plans.

Feel free to give Mr Thron a call on his personal cell phone for any other questions regarding this important decision at (408) 444-5000.

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